100 Questions & Answers About Asia

100 Questions & Answers About Asia

1. Highest mountain of world ‘Mount Everest’ is located in continent – Asia

2. Out of seven continents, continent Asia shares its East border with – Ural Mountains

3. Longest river in Asia Continent is – Yangtze of China

4. Country in Asia continent which is known as ‘Land of golden fiber’ is – Bangladesh

5. Out of seven continents, continent Asia shares its West border with – Pacific Ocean

6. What is the capital of the Republic of the Philippines? – Manila

7. Where can you find Mayon Volcano? – Albay

8. What is the main religion in Malaysia? – Islam

9. What is the national sport in Thailand? – Thai Boxing

10. What country is in south of Malaysia? – Singapore

11. In a country of over 1,900 islands, but with a land area of only one percent of its total
territory, which of these is one of the Maldives’ most important industries? – Tourism

12. The wildlife of Iran used to include an animal which is now extinct. Which of these used to
roam the northern regions of Iran? – Caspian tiger

13. The city of Rajshahi is an important center in the production of a natural fiber that comes
from a certain worm. What is the nickname of the city that comes from this association? – Silk City

14. India is bound on the north by a range of snow-capped mountains, which boast some of the
world’s highest peaks. What is the name of this mountain range, also considered to be the
world’s youngest? – The Himalayas

15. Which of these cities is in Vietnam? Pyonggang, Nam Dinh, Battambang or Alor Setar? – Nam Dinh

16. Which Asian city was awarded the honour of holding the 2014 winter Olympic games? – Sochi, Russia

17. Which of these IS an Asian city? Dushanbe, Moscow, Bucharest or Cairo? – Dushanbe

18. Which of these cities is in Sri Lanka? Thimpu, Islambad, Kabul or Colombo? – Colombo

19. Which city is just across the Bering Strait from Alaska, U.S.A.? – Uelen

20. Which Asian city is in a country that is in both Europe and Asia? – Novosibirsk

21. Mary (Mur-ree) is a city in – Turkmenistan

22. Which is the only city that is also a country in Asia? –

23. ________ city is the largest city (and former capital) of Kazakhstan – Almaty

24. Which city is capital of West Java province in Indonesia? – Bandung

25. _____________ city is principal port of Bangladesh, and is the country´s second largest city – Chittagong

26. Which city is the capital of Syria? – Damascus

27. Which city was capital of Persia 1598-1722? – Esfahan

28. ___________ city was known before 1980 as Lyallpur – Faisalabad

29. The city which is capital of Guangdong province, China – Guangzhou

30. Whart is the capital of Vietnam? – Hanoi

31. ________________is third largest city of Turkey and was formerly known as Smyrna – Izmir

32. What is the capital of Indonesia? – Jakarta

33. What is the capital of Afghanistan? – Kabul

34. Which city is capital of Punjab province in Pakistan? – Lahore

35. This city is capital of Khorasan province, Iran – Mashhad

36. Russian city which was formerly known as Novonikolaevsk – Novosibirsk

37. This Japanese city was formerly known as Naniwa. It is the center the Hanshin area, which is the most important industrial area in Japan – Osaka

38. _______ city is capital of North Korea – Pyongyang

39. The former name of Bishkek – Frunze

40. The former name of Gyumri – Leninakan

41. The city which is part of Kiaochow territory occupied by Germany in 1897 and leased to Germany for 99 years in 1898 – Qingdao

42. The capital of Saudi Arabia is – Riyadh

43. _____________city is capital of East Java province, Indonesia – Surabaya

44. What is the capital of Uzbekistan – Tashkent

45. Which city is also known as Benares? – Varanasi

46. Which Chinese city was formed in 1950 by the consolidation of Hankow, Hanyang and Wuchang – Wuhan

47. ___________ is the capital of Shaanxi province, China – Xian

48. The city which contains Japan´s major port and the country´s second largest is – Yokohama

49. What is the capital of Henan province, China – Zhengzhou

50. The people in this capital city in South Asia live in houses made of coral. The city is
located on an island – Male

51. The former name of the city Yangon is – Rangoon

52. Which Indian city is the capital of two Indian states but it itself is under the rule of the
Central Government – Chandigarh

53. What city was the capital of Pakistan from 1947 to 1959? – Karachi

54. In what city were 1000 British troops and their families killed by freedom fighters during the Indian revolt of 1857? – Kanpur

55. The former name of Banda Aceh – Kutaraja

56. The former name of Yekaterinburg – Sverdlovsk

57. Which was the second largest city in Sri Lanka? – Kotte

58. The name of the city which is also means ‘Canopy of Wood’ – Kathmandu

59. The headquarters of the fifth largest army in the world is in which of these cities? New
Delhi, Bangalore or Rawalpindi? – Rawalpindi

60. What is the only City in South-Asia which has French as an official language – Pondicherry

61. When King Charles II of Great Britain married a Portuguese princess, she brought this city
with her as dowry – Mumbai (Bombay)

62. The former name of the city Dalian is – Dairen

63. The former name of Xiamen – Amoy

64. The former name of Makassar – Ujung Pandang

65. The largest island in Iran? – Qeshm

66. The largest island in Oman? – Masirah

67. The former name of Jayapura – Hollandia

68. The former name of Kota Kinabalu – Jesselton

69. The former name of Jakarta – Batavia

70. The former name of Bandar Seri Begawan – Brunei Town

71. Which is the name of a city in both India and Pakistan? – Hyderabad

72. The former name of Astana – Tselinograd

73. Name the biggest island in Japan? – Honshu

74. The biggest island in India? – Middle Andaman

75. The former name of Bandar Khomeyni is – Bandar Shahpur

76. The former name of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is – Toyohara

77. What is the name of the former principality that was located between Nepal and Bhutan? – Sikkim

78. The mouth of the Ganges river can be found within what country? – Bangladesh

79. What is the largest island in Asia? – Borneo

80. How many of the top ten most populated countries of the world are located, at least partly,
in Asia? – 7

81. Which country shares the longest continuous border with China? – Mongolia

82. Which central Asian country, with the cities of Tashkent and Namangan, is one of the two
doubly landlocked countries in the world? – Uzbekistan

83. Which eastern/central Asian country, bordering China, is one of the least densely populated
countries in the world? – Mongolia

84. Which country, spanning two continents, has identified the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or
PKK, as a terrorist group? – Turkey

85. Which country, which has the city of Surabaya, also has land on the 2nd largest island on
the planet? – Indonesia

86. The former name of Shenyang is – Mukden

87. The former name of Guangzhou – Canton

88. What island country, south of Taiwan, has a major religion of Roman Catholicism, and is
prone to typhoons because of its location? – Philippines

89. What teardrop shaped island country has maritime borders with the Maldives, and another
country to its north? – Sri Lanka

90. What southeast Asian country is home to the Tonle Sap lake, a lake which floods to over
five times its size during the monsoon season? – Cambodia

91. Which extremely populated country has constituted a one-child policy in order to control
its population? – China
92. The former name of Vladikavkaz – Ordzhonikidze

93. The former name of Ganca, or Gandzha is – Kirovabad

94. Which very densely populated country separated from Pakistan in 1971? – Bangladesh

95. Which industrialized country has the largest metropolitan area in the world, and has more
than 6,000 islands? – Japan

96. Biggest island in China? (excluding Taiwan which is claimed by China) – Hainan

97. What is the largest island in South Korea? – Cheju

98. Which is the largest island in Philippines? – Luzon

99. The former name of Khudzhand – Leninabad

100. Name the largest island in Thailand – Phuket