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Flannery O’Connor Quiz

Flannery O’Connor was an American writer. She wrote two novels and 32 short stories. Her Complete Stories won the 1972 U.S. National Book Award for Fiction. 1. What was Flannery O’Connor’s first name? a) Hilda b) Mary c) Stephanie d)…

Girolamo Savonarola Quiz

Girolamo Savonarola was an Italian Dominican friar, Scholastic, religious and political reformer and an influential contributor to the politics of Florence from 1494 until his execution in 1498 Girolamo Savonarola Quiz Questions 1. When…

Aruba Quiz

Flag of Aruba (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Aruba is one of the four constituent countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands, together with the Netherlands, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten whose citizens share a single nationality:…