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Kuldip Nayar Quiz

1- When was Kuldip Nayar born? 6 January 1926 8 April 1924 14 August 1923 5 December 1922 Correct Answer: 14 August 1923 2- Where was Kuldip Nayar born? Ambala Bharatpur Karachi Sialkot…

MY JOURNEY TO CSS by: Muhammad Ali Asghar (PAS)

Allah has indeed been kind upon me for my success in the CE-2010, and even more so at the interview part. I am humbled by the honor Almighty has given me. I would briefly share a few of my observations: 1. Clarity of Purpose: As a first…

USA Presidential Election 2008 MCQs

1) Who was the Democratic Party’s candidate for President for USA Presidential Election 2008? a) Barak Obama b) Hillary Clinton c) John Edwards d) John Kerry 2) Who was the Republican Party’s candidate for President for USA…