Answering Exams

Kuldip Nayar Quiz

1- When was born?
  • Correct Answer: 14 August 1923
2- Where was Kuldip Nayar born?
  • Correct Answer: Sialkot
3- Where did Kuldip Nayar study journalism?
  • Correct Answer: Medill School
4- When was Kuldip Nayar Press Officer of Press Information Bureau?
5- When was Kuldip Nayar Editor of The Statesman?
6-  When was The Judgement published?
  • Correct Answer: 1977
7-  Where did Kuldip Nayar represent as High Commissioner?
8- Which has Kuldip Nayar’s on relations between India and ?
  • Correct Answer: Wall at Wagah
9-  When did Kuldip Nayar die?
  • Correct Answer: 23 August 2018
10-  Where did Kuldip Nayar die?
  • Correct Answer: Delhi
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