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Brunei Quiz

Brunei Quiz Questions 1) When did Brunei become independent? a) 1 January 1984 b) 26 May 1976 c) 11 September 1972 d) 26 November 1981 2) Who is the head of state of Brunei? a) Caliph b) Emir c) Nawab d) Sultan 3) Which country…

List Of Country , Capital & Currencies Quiz

List Of Country , Capital & Currencies Quiz 1. The Currency of Antigua and Barbuda is – East Caribbean dollar 2. The Capital of Andorra is – Andorra la Vella 3. The Capital of Belorussian ruble is – Belorussian 4. The Capital…

Triple Centuries In Test Cricket Quiz

1) Who was the first cricketer to hit a triple century in a Test and create a record for highest number of runs by an individual in a Test Innings? a) Andrew Sandham b) C. B. Fry c) Jack Hobbs d) Leary Constantine 2) Who broke the…