Answering Exams

Geography of Pakistan By *Shakeel Channa

1. Pakistan is divided into five ,physiographical divisions,.
2. 796096 the total area of Pakistan,.
3. Pakistan lies between the latitudes,24N to 37N.
4. Pakistan lies between the longitudes, 61 E to 75.5 E.
5. In 1963 year boundary agreement ,was signed by Pakistan and China,.
6. Wakhan, separates Pakistan ,from Tajikistan,.
7. Area of Wakhan is ,under the control, of Afghanistan.
8. The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, is called Durand lines,.
9. In 1972 line of control came into existence.
10. The length of Pak-China border, is 595 km,.
11. The length of Pak-Afghan border, is 2252 km,.
12. The length of Pak-Iran border ,is 805 km,.
13. The length of Pak-India border, is 1610 km.
14. The total length of land border ,with different countries is 5262km.
15. The total length of coastline of Pakistan, 1046km.
16. Iran is located south west of Pakistan,.
17. China is located north and north east of Pakistan,.
18. India is located east of Pakistan,.
19. Afghanistan is located west of Pakistan,.
20. India ocean is located in south of Pakistan,.
21. Punjab covered the total area is205344 sqkm,.
22. Sindh covered the total area is140914 sqkm,.
23. Baluchitan covered the total area is347190 sqkm,.
24. KPK covered the total area is74521 sqkm,.
25. Islamabad covered the total area is906 sqkm,.
26. F.A.T.A covered the total area is2720 sqkm,.
27. According to international law ,Pakistan’s ,territorial sea limits is 12 nm.,
28. 58% area of Pakistan is covered by mountain, and plateaus,.
29. 42% area of Pakistan is covered by ,plains and deserts,.
30. Mountains and Ranges,
31. K-2 is the, highest peak, of Pakistan.
32. K-2 peak is the ,2nd highest peak of the world,.
33. K-2 is also known ,Goodwin Austin.
34. K-2 is present in ,Krakoram mountain range,.
35. Nanga Par bat, is the part of ,Himalayas.
36. Karakoram Range links China with Pakistan.
37. Hindukash range, separates Pakistan from Afghanistan,.
38. The height of Trichmir peak, is 7690 meters.
39. The salt range, is situated between rivers soan and Jhelum.
40. The height of Nanga parbat peak, is 8126 meters.
41. The height of Himalaya range increases, as it moves from south to north,.
42. Nanga parbat mountain peaks is called, killer mountain,.
43. The total height of K-2 peak is 8611 meters.
44. Skaram ,is the highest peak of the Koh-e-Sufaid range,.
45. the maximum height of Khirthar range, is2150 meters.
46. The height of Takhat-e-sulaiman peak, is 3500 meters.
47. The height of sakasar peak, is 1500 meters.
48. The highest peak of Himalayas range, in Pakistan is Nanga parbat.
49. The highest peak of Karakoram Range in Pakistan is K-2.
50. The highest peak of Hindukush range, in Pakistan is Trichmir,.
51. The highest peak of salt range, is sakasar,.
52. The highest peak of, Koh-e- Sulaiman range is Takhat-e- Sulaiman,.
53. The average height Karakoram Range, is7000 meters.
54. Chaghi range separates Baluchistan plateau, from Afghanistan.
55. Ashraf Anan, was the first Pakistani to climb the K-2,.
56. Five peaks In Pakistan there are higher than 8000, meters,.
57. The height of broad peak, is 8047 meters.
58. In 1957 the broad peak was first climbed.
1. The pass which connects Abbot Abad and Gilgat, is Babusar pass,.
2. The pass which connects Dir with Kohistan, district Badawi pass,.
3. The highest pass in Pakistan,an ancient trading route, between Kashmir and china, situatedat the height of 5575 is Karakoram pass,.
4. The pass which connects Sindh plain, with, Queeta is Bolanpass,.
5. The pass which connects Chitralwith Wahkan, is, Baroghil pass,.
6. The pass which connects, Mardan with Malakand,.is,Dargai pass,.
7. The pass which connects Dera Ismail khan with Ghazni, (Afghanistan) is ,Gomal pass,.
8. The pass which connects ,Qila Abdullah with Chaman, is Khojak pass,.
9. The height of Khunjrab pass, is 4555 meters.
10. The worlds’ highest passes ,such as Khunjrab Lawari and Shandoor, are situated in Western mountain rang