English Idioms: Have a face like thunder

English Idioms About “Weather”
Idiom: Have a face like thunder
Meaning: This idiom is used to describe a person who is angry or upset about something.
Example: She had a face like thunder when she discovered the truth.

English Idioms: Bad blood

English Idioms About “Relationship”
Idiom: Bad blood
Meaning: Unpleasant feeling between different people.
Example: There is bad blood between Nancy and Leila. They are rarely in good terms with each other.

English Idioms: Go against the flow

English Idioms About “Relationship”
Idiom: Go against the flow
Meaning: To do the opposite of people do and not accept things as thy are.
Example: In his last speech, the leader of the opposition went against the flow and declared that reducing taxes will harm the economy.

English Idioms: Tender age

English Idioms About “Age”
Idiom: Tender age
Meaning: A young age.
Example: It’s easier to learn languages at a tender age.

English Idioms: Have to face the music

English Idioms About “Music”
Idiom: Have to face the music
Meaning: Accept or face the unpleasant consequences of one’s actions.
Example: Leila didn’t manage to finish the job on time and had to face the music.

English Idioms: The boot is on the other foot

English Idioms About “Clothes”
Idiom: The boot is on the other foot
Meaning: (Also the shoe is on the other foot) said about a change of positions when someone whon was in a weaker situation is now in strong position.
Example: Don’t expect him to make any more changes in the manageement of the company, especially after his appointment as the new manager of the project. The boot is on the other foot.

English Idioms: Behind bars

English Idioms About “General”
Idiom: Behind bars
Meaning: In jail or prison.
Example: That guy over there has been behind bars for five years.

English Idioms: On the same wavelength

English Idioms About “Science”
Idiom: On the same wavelength
Meaning: Thinking in the same pattern or in agreement.
Example: They’ve done a good job because they were on the same wavelength.

English Idioms: Lie like a rug

English Idioms About “Furniture”
Idiom: Lie like a rug
Meaning: To lie like a rug means to tell lies shamelessly.
Example: She says she didn’t kill him, but the detective knows she’s lying like a rug.

English Idioms: To pull the trigger

English Idioms About “General”
Idiom: To pull the trigger
Meaning: 1. To fire a gun. 2. To commit to a course of action.
Example: Some traders are too afraid to pull the trigger and just watch the market without ever getting involved.