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English Grammar Test Fill in the Blank with Suitable Answer


Fill in the Blank with Suitable Answer

(correct answers are at the end)

1. A ________ in her hair yesterday.

a) nice yellow bow b) yellow nice bow c) bow nice yellow

2. She lost a ________ .

a) small white cat b) cat small white c) white small cat

3. I bought ________ oranges.

a) great some big b) big great some c) some great big

4. We met ________ people at the conference.

a) very smart two b) two very smart c) very two smart

5. The clown was wearing a ________ hat.

a) big green-yellow b) big green and yellow c) yellow and green big

6. The cookies that you ________ .

a) smell delicious baked b) baked smell delicious c) delicious smell baked

7. Is it ________ ?

a) cold getting outside b) getting cold outside c) getting outside cold

8. The course you are ________ .

a) taking sounds interesting b) sounds interesting taking c) interesting sounds taking

(Correct Answers)
1. nice yellow bow
2. small white cat
3. some great big
4. two very smart
5. big green and yellow
6. baked smell delicious
7. getting cold outside
8. taking sounds interesting

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