Prophet Jeremiah Quiz | Questions Answers

Jeremiah Quiz Questions with Answers

1. Where was Jeremiah born?
Answer: Anathoth

2. Who was Jeremiah’s father?
Answer: Hilkiah

3. When did Jeremiah begin his ministry?
Answer: 626 BC

4. Who was the King of Judah when Jeremiah began his ministry?
Answer: Josiah

5. What did Jeremiah say when he was called to be prophet?
Answer: I do not know how to speak for I am only a child.

6. Who was the King of Judah when Jeremiah prophesied God will destroy the Temple of Jerusalem?
Answer: Jehoiakim

7. Where did the Babylonians defeat the Egyptians in 605 BC?
Answer: Carchemish

8. Who took the yoke off Jeremiah’s neck and broke it?
Answer: Hananiah

9. Who was Jeremiah’s scribe?
Answer: Baruch

10. Who took Jeremiah to Egypt?
Answer: Johanan