World General Knowledge Important MCQs (Set-I) for Competitive Exams

1. Which is the saltiest water lake of the world?
(a) The Caspian Sea
(b) The Red Sea
(c) The Baltic Sea
(d) Assal Lake (Correct)

2. World’s longest river is:
(a) River Nile (Correct)
(b) River Amazon
(c) River Mississippi
(d) River Indus

3. Which of the following country has longest coast line?
(a) China
(b) USA
(c) Russia
(d) Canada (Correct)

4. Which is the largest peninsula?
(a) Gulf of Eden
(b) Africa
(c) Arabia (Correct)
(d) Sahara

5. Biggest country in population is:
(a) China (Correct)
(b) Russia
(c) India
(d) USA

6. Which is the largest gulf?
(a) Arabian Gulf
(b) Gulf of Mexico (Correct)
(c) Gulf of Oman
(d) None of them

7. The largest bay is located in
(a) USA
(b) Canada (Correct)
(c) Congo
(d) Russia

8. Name the largest railway station in the world is
(a) Grand Central Terminal – New York (Correct)
(b) Condor Station Bolivia
(c) Kharagpur railway station – India
(d) Frankfort International USA

9. Name the biggest sea of the world is
(a) Caribbean Sea
(b) South China Sea (Correct)
(c) Mediterranean Sea
(d) Baltic Sea

10. Name the biggest desert of the world is
(a) Gobi Desert
(b) Kalahari Desert
(c) Sahara Desert (Correct)
(d) None of these

11. The highest capital in the world is
(a) Belize
(b) La Paz (Correct)
(c) Quito
(d) Paris

12. In which country was the first oil-well drilled in 1859
(a) Saudi Arabia
(b) USA (Correct)
(c) Russia
(d) Venezuela

13. Which is the oldest written language in the world?
(a) Sanskrit
(b) Chinese (Correct)
(c) Japanese
(d) English

14. Which metal has the highest electrical conductivity
(a) Silver
(b) Tungsten (Correct)
(c) Copper
(d) Iron

15. Name the largest populous country of the Islamic World?
(a) Indonesia (Correct)
(b) Pakistan
(c) Bangladesh
(d) Turkey

16. Name the largest Hockey Stadium with capacity of 50,000 people:
(a) Most Beautiful Stadium
(b) Highest Hockey Stadium
(c) National hockey Stadium Lahore (Correct)
(d) Newest Hockey Stadium

17. Name the largest Cricket Stadium:
(a) Melbourne Cricket Club (Correct)
(b) Sharjah Cricket Ground
(c) The Oval. London
(d) Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore

18. World’s highest waterfall “Angel” is in:
(a) Zimbabwe
(b) Canada
(c) Venezuela (Correct)
(d) Norway

19. Where Niagara Waterfalls are located
(a) USA
(b) Canada
(c) Both of them (Correct)
(d) Pakistan

20. Which of the following ‘Desert’ is largest by area?
(a) Gobi
(b) Takla Makan
(c) Sahara (Correct)
(d) Thar

21. The Caspian Sea’ is known as largest lake. Which of the following countries share its water?
(a) Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan
(b) Turkmenistan
(c) Russia and Iran
(d) All of these (Correct)

22. The biggest Square ‘Tiananmen’ is situated in:
(a) Beijing (Correct)
(b) Tibet
(c) xinjiang
(d) Chu in

23. Which country is famous for publications of most newspapers?
(a) USA
(b) Canada
(c) India (Correct)
(d) China

24. The largest animal in the world is
(a) Elephant
(b) Rhinoceros
(c) Hippopotamus
(d) Blue Whale (Correct)

25. Who has the record of highest individuals score in limited over (ODI) match?
(a) Saeed Anwar
(b) Jayasuriya
(c) Sachin Tendulkar (Correct)
(d) De Silva

26. Which is the tallest building of the world?
(a) Tapai Center 101 (Taiwan)
(b) Daubi Burj (UAE) (Correct)
(c) Patronas Tower (Malaysia)
(d) Sears Tower (USA)

27. Which country has the longest coast line?
(a) China
(b) Russia
(c) Canada (Correct)
(d) USA

28. Largest Muslim country area-wise is
(a) Algeria
(b) Kazakhstan (Correct)
(c) Sudan
(d) Libya

29. Which of the following country is largest by area?
(a) India
(b) Russia (Correct)
(c) China
(d) America

30. Name the longest land mountain range:
(a) Alps
(b) Karakoram
(c) Andes of S. America (Correct)
(d) Pamirs

31. Which day is considered as the longest day of each year?
(a) 13th March
(b) 21st May
(c) 21st June (Correct)
(d) 17th August

32. Which day is considered as the shortest day of each year?
(a) 22nd December (Correct)
(b) 5th January
(c) 21st November
(d) 15th December

33. Which is the largest mountain range in the world?
(a) Alps
(b) Himalayas (Correct)
(c) Andes
(d) Tibet

34. Which of the following is the largest producer of copper in the world?
(a) Ghana
(b) Malaysia
(c) Australia
(d) Chile (Correct)

35. Which country is the largest oil producer?
(a) Iraq
(b) U.S.A.
(c) Russia
(d) Saudi Arabia (Correct)

36. Which was the first country to give women a right to vote?
(a) United Stated
(b) Denmark
(c) UK
(d) New Zealand (Correct)

37. In which country the largest oil field “Ghawar field” is located?
(a) Saudi Arabia (Correct)
(b) Kuwait
(c) Russia
(d) USA

38. Which country is the largest oil consumer in the world?
(a) USA (Correct)
(b) Russia
(c) Pakistan
(d) China

39. In land size which is the largest country?
(a) India
(b) Russia (Correct)
(c) China
(d) America

40. Where is the longest glacier “Lambert Glacier” located?
(a) China
(b) Canada
(c) Antarctica (Correct)
(d) Siberia

41. The most spoken language is:
(a) English
(b) Chinese (Correct)
(c) French
(d) Japanese

42. Identify the world’s largest library:
(a) The United States Library of Washington
(b) The United States Library of Congress (Correct)
(c) Washington Library
(d) None of them

43. Name the first President of Chinese Republic is
(a) Junko Tabar
(b) Dr. Sun Yat San (Correct)
(c) Mao Tse-Tung
(d) None of these.

44. Which is the largest continent (population wise) of the world?
(a) America
(b) Asia (Correct)
(c) Europe
(d) Australia

45. Which is the largest continent (area wise) of the world?
(a) America
(b) Asia (Correct)
(c) Europe
(d) Australia

46. Nile is the longest river of the world. Which one of the following is the largest river of the world?
(a) Amazon (Correct)
(b) Indus
(c) Hawang Ho
(d) None

47. Which countries share longest frontier 16416 km?
(a) China and India
(b) Australia and Japan
(c) Canada and USA (Correct)
(d) None of these

48. Which country has longest coastal line?
(a) China
(b) Australia
(c) Canada (Correct)
(d) USA

49. Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan?
(a) Munir Ahmad
(b) A.R. Cornelius
(c) Sardar Abdul Rashid (Correct)
(d) None of them

50. Name the country shares 16 borders with other states:
(a) China (Correct)
(b) Russia
(c) India
(d) Pakistan

51. Largest gold producer country:
(a) South Korea
(b) China (Correct)
(c) South Africa
(d) Russia

52. Largest silver producer:
(a) Pakistan
(b) China
(c) Mexico (Correct)
(d) Germany

53. Largest coal producer:
(a) China (Correct)
(b) UK
(c) Russia
(d) Germany

54. Identify the biggest bird:
(a) Ostrich (Correct)
(b) Indian Sparrow
(c) Eagle
(d) Indian parrot

55. Identify the smallest bird:
(a) Ostrich
(b) Indian Sparrow
(c) Hemming bird (Correct)
(d) Indian parrot

56. Name the oldest Monarchy?
(a) France
(b) UK
(c) Japan (Correct)
(d) None of these

57. Name the first lady Prime minister of the world?
(a) Benazir Bhutto
(b) Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Correct)
(c) Korino Akino
(d) Margrate Thatcher

58. Name the first woman president of the UN General Assembly?
(a) Mrs. Kumara Tunga of Sri Lanka
(b) Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan
(c) Pandit Vijaya Lakshmi of India (Correct)
(d) Pandit Vijay Lakshmi Nepal

59. Name the first UN Secretary-General
(a) Mr. Trygre Lie of Norway (Correct)
(b) Mr. William of USA
(c) Mr. Jorge Lie of Italy
(d) Mr. David of USA

60. Name the first animal to be sent in space:
(a) Laika, the dog (Russians) (Correct)
(b) Laika, the sheep
(c) Dolly, the dog
(d) Dolly, the sheep

61. Which of the following countries is the largest in area in the world?
(a) Australia
(b) Canada
(c) U.S.A.
(d) Russia (Correct)

62. Who was the first woman to travel into space?
(a) Sally Ride
(b) Valentina Tereshkova (Correct)
(c) Svetlana Savitskaya
(d) Eileen Collins

63. Which of the following countries has largest number of Islands?
(a) Malaysia
(b) Indonesia (Correct)
(c) Cuba
(d) Canada

64. Name the largest oil company of the world.
(a) Exxon (Correct)
(b) Caltex
(c) Shell
(d) PSO

65. Which is the largest lake of the world?
(a) Caspian sea (Correct)
(b) Superior lake
(c) Huron lake
(d) Aral sea

66. Name the largest hotel:
(a) Hotel USA
(b) Avari Hotel
(c) President Hotel
(d) MGM Grand Hotel (Correct)

67. The world’s largest fresh water lake is:
(a) Panch
(b) Lake Superior (US-Canada) (Correct)
(c) Baikal (Russia)
(d) Volta Lake (Ghana)

68. Which is the largest salt water lake of the world?
(a) The Caspian Sea (Correct)
(b) The Red Sea
(c) The Baltic Sea
(d) None

79. Which is the second highest mountain peak in the world?
(a) Mt Everest
(b) K-2 (Correct)
(c) Trich Mir
(d) Nanga Parbat

70. The second highest mountain peak Goodwin Austen in the world is located in
(a) Nepal
(b) India
(c) Pakistan (Correct)
(d) China

71. Which is the largest producer of coffee in the world?
(a) Brazil (Correct)
(b) Sri Lanka
(c) Pakistan
(d) Myanmar

72. Which is the oldest Stock Exchange Market in the world?
(a) New York
(b) Amsterdam
(c) Hamburg (Correct)
(d) London

73. The fastest flying bird is:
(a) Indian Falcon
(b) African Falcon
(c) The Peragrine falcon (Correct)
(d) Australian Falcon

74. The world biggest oil refinery is situated in
(a) Saudi Arabia
(b) Iran (Correct)
(c) Kuwait
(d) Iraq

75. Largest continent among the followings?
(a) Europe
(b) Africa
(c) America
(d) Asia (Correct)

76. The Shortest River is:
(a) Amazon River
(b) Niger River
(c) Roe River (Correct)
(d) Lena River

77. The coldest place in the world is:
(a) Cherranpungi in India
(b) Al-Azizayah in Africa
(c) Vostok in Antarctica (Correct)
(d) None of these

78. Which country possesses the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world?
(a) Japan (Correct)
(b) Canada
(c) Germany
(d) USA

79. Name the first man to sail round the world is
(a) Ferdinand Magellan (Correct)
(b) John Maynard
(c) Milton Friedman
(d) None of these

80. Neil Alden Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon in the year
(a) 1969 (Correct)
(b) 1965
(c) 1967
(d) 1966

81. Which is the driest place of the world?
(a) Tripoli (Libya)
(b) Death Valley (California) (Correct)
(c) Jacobabad (Pakistan)
(d) Azizia (Libya)

82. The largest artificial lake is:
(a) Lake Baikal (Russia)
(b) Lake Superior (North America)
(c) Lake Great beer (Canada)
(d) Lake Mead (USA) (Correct)

83. The oldest university is “University of Karueein” located in:
(a) Morocco (Correct)
(b) Egypt
(c) Iran
(d) USA

84. The first Soccer World Cup was played in
(a) Paraguay
(b) Uruguay (Correct)
(c) Portugal
(d) Germany

85. Name the hottest place of the world
(a) Death Valley (USA)
(b) Jacobabad (Pakistan)
(c) Azizia (Libya) (Correct)
(d) None of them

86. Identify the largest ocean:
(a) Pacific (Correct)
(b) Arctic
(c) Indian
(d) southern

87. Name the smallest ocean?
(a) Arctic Ocean (Correct)
(b) Indian Ocean
(c) Pacific Ocean
(d) Southern Ocean

88. The world’s highest mountain peak is:
(a) K-2
(b) Nanga Parbat
(c) Mount Jabal
(d) Mount Everest (Correct)

89. The height of the Mount Everest is:
(a) 3348 m.
(b) 8850 m (Correct)
(c) 4448 m.
(d) 6648 m

90. Smallest Republic in the world is
(a) Balkan
(b) Nepal
(c) Nauru (Correct)
(d) Haiti

91. Largest Concrete Dam of the world is located in USA is
(a) Grand Coulee Dam (Correct)
(b) Tarbela Dam
(c) Rohunsky Dam
(d) None of these

92. Which one of the following is the largest university building in the world?
(a) Cambridge University U.K
(b) University of Riyadh (Correct)
(c) Al. Azhar University
(d) None of these

93. Which one of the following is the largest Peninsula of the world?
(a) Arabian Peninsula (Correct)
(b) Kalahari Peninsula
(c) Sahara Peninsula
(d) None of these

94. The world’s largest active volcano “Mauna Lao” is located in:
(a) Central Andes (Chile)
(b) Hawaii (USA) (Correct)
(c) Mount Mayon (Philippines)
(d) Java (Indonesia)

95. Kalaallit Nunaat (formerly Greenland) is
(a) Smallest Island
(b) Most inhabitant Island
(c) Largest Island (Correct)
(d) Last inhabitant Island

96. Name the country which is the largest producer of Natural gas in the world is
(a) Iran
(b) Tanzania
(c) Norway
(d) Russia (Correct)

97. Name the first president of India is:
(a) Dr. Ambedkar
(b) Dr. Rajendra Parsad (Correct)
(c) Sadder Patel
(d) Nehru

98. The First Woman Bank established in Pakistan in
(a) Dec 1, 1988
(b) Dec 1, 1989 (Correct)
(c) Dec 1, 1973
(d) August 14, 1948

99. First telegraph signal was transmitted in which year?
(a) 1951
(b) 1891
(c) 1901 (Correct)
(d) 1711

100. Which country has the largest foreign debts?
(a) Russia
(b) China
(c) Mexico
(d) USA (Correct)