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Unique 100 General Knowledge Questions & Answers


Unique 100 & Answers

1. Which British who starred as Jimmy in the film Quadrophenia later appeared in Blur’s video for the single Parklife? – Phil Daniels

2. Which Argentinian striker is Barcelona’s all-time leading goalscorer? – Lionel Messi

3. In the video game Dark Souls, one of the locations in the game, Anor Londo is heavily based on which Milan landmark? – Milan Cathedral

4. Planned and begun in by King Maximilian II of , Maximilianstrasse is a major shopping district in which city? – Munich

5. Wise, methodical detective Lester Freamon is a fictional character in which TV series? – The Wire

6. Which Europe’s most southerly capital city? – Nicosia,

7. Clark Kent is the real name of which superhero? – Superman

8. The film Grease was mostly filmed in which state? –

. Which Irish writer and clergyman wrote Gulliver’s Travels? – Jonathan Swift

10. The largest tower located OUTSIDE of London in the is found in which city? – Portsmouth(Spinnaker Tower)

11. Which , California born actor is known for starring in films including Inception, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Departed, amongst others? – Leonardo DiCaprio

12. Who was the Greek god of the Sea? – Poseidon

13. Which soul singer enjoyed fleeting success in the as the first winner of the TV series X-Factor? – Steve Brookstein

14. Which is the only to have taken part in every football Cup finals? –

15. Charles features on which British bank note? – Ten pound note

16. How old was Frodo when he came of age in the Fellowship of the Rings? – years old

. Which former American Footballer when on to play Apollo Creed in the Rocky film series? – Carl Weathers

18. What is the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Beatrice of York? – Grandmother-granddaughter

19. What is the name of the founder of the company Amazon who later went on to purchase The Washington Post ? – Jeff Bezos

20. Which Spanish region is known for the Tempranillo black grape wine variety? – Rioja

21. Which actress won the for Best Actress aged seventy-four for her role in the film On a Golden Pond? – Katharine Hepburn

22. Which is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac? – Libra

23. What was the name of The Jam’s debut album, released in , that shared its name with a hit single on the album? – In The City

24. Since , which tournament has been the fourth and final in the calendar? – US Open

25. ’s Column is a monument in which London square? – Trafalgar Square

26. Which Oasis song opens with the lyrics ‘Today is gonna be the day’? – Wonderwall

27. Where was playwright Oscar Wilde born in October ? – Dublin, Ireland

28. Which is the largest moon of the Saturn, by diameter? – Titan

29. Bella Swan (later Bella Cullan) is a character in which film series? – The Twilight Saga

30. At 119 miles long, what is the name of ’s longest river? – River Tay

31. The Bolshoi Ballet is based in which city? –

32. Charleroi is a city in which northern county? – Belgium

33. What colour is the distinctive King of the Mountains jersey in cycling’s Tour de ? –Red polka dots on white

34. Sharon Osbourne, wife of aging rocker Ozzy, was a judge on which TV music program? – X-Factor

35. In a game of , how many runs are awarded for hitting the ball over the boundary rope without bouncing? – Six runs

. What is the name of the branch of medicine that focuses on eyesight? – Optometry

37. Which silent film starring Jean Dujardin won the Best Film Oscar in ? – The Artist

38. William Shakespeare was born in which English market town? – Stratford-upon-Avon

39. The Baggies is the nickname of which English football club? – West Bromwich Albion

40. Prior to join the Euro and taking it’s name from the Greek verb ‘to grasp’, what was the former currency of ? – Drachma

41. Which country has the most football clubs? – South

42. Where was the first nuclear reactor built? – The

43. Which brewery invented the widget for the beer can? – Guinness

. Which is the only mammal that able to kneel on all fours? – Elephant

45. Who designed the Statue of Liberty? – Bartholdi

46. Which country is Santiago the capital of? –

47. What is the name of the dog in the ‘Back to the Future’ films? – Einstein

48. Who was the first female of ? – Sarojini Naidu

49. Who wrote the music for West Side Story? – Bernstein

50. Which is the largest species of crocodile? – Saltwater

51. During which year did the iPhone first on sale? –

52. What was the nationality of the famous 18th century poet Robert Burns? – Scottish

53. Where did King Arthur hold court? – Camelot

54. In which year was Michael Jackson’s song Thriller released? –

55. Which sign of the zodiac is represented by the scales? – Libra

56. Which country was Arnold Schwarzenegger born in? –

57. What is the name of Washington’s active stratovolcano? – Mount St. Helen

58. Which are used to make marzipan? – Almonds

59. What is the name given to a skydiver’s canopy? – A parachute

60. What type of shark was Jaws? – A great white

61. How many consonants are there in the English Alphabet? – 21 consonants

62. In which country were ‘The Lord of the Rings’ filmed? –

63. What do the stripes of the US flag represent? – The 13 original colonies of the (sign of uniting as one)

64. True or false: the diameter is half of the radius? – False: the radius is half of the diameter

65. Which is the only English football team to play in the Scottish league? – Berwick Rangers

66. Which character did Clark Gable play in Gone With The Wind? – Rhett Butler

67. Which Roman numerals represent the number 40? – XL

68. Which word can come before: moon, house and time? – Full

. What does a Rabi belong too? – Jewish

70. How many hours are there in one full week? – 168 hours

71. Which English actor starred in Gangs of and Lincoln? – Daniel Day Lewis

72. Who was the of the United States in ? –

73. What is the largest country in Great Britain? – England

74. What theory did the help to develop? – The

75. What ‘M’ is a popular egg white dessert? – Meringue

76. How many known are there in our ? – Eight

77. Canberra is the capital city of which country? –

78. What is an obtuse angle? – An angle measuring between 90 and degrees

79. What was the name of ’ brother? – Aaron

80. Who sang the hit song ‘All About That Bass’? – Meghan Trainor

81. Three of the world begin with the letter J, can you name them all? – Jamaica, , Jordan

82. Which 2015 movie features a song called ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ by Sam Smith? – Spectre ()

83. Beginning with the fastest first, put the following body features in order of growth rate: finger nails, toe nails, hair? – Hair, finger nails, toe nails

84. In medieval legend, what name was given to the cup from which drank from at the Last Supper? – Grail (The Holy Grail)

85. Does the British noble title Viscount rank above or below a Baron? – Above

86. Which solar system planet experiences the hottest surface temperature? – Venus

87. Which George Michael song begins with the lyrics, ‘I feel so unsure, As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor’? – Careless Whisper

88. In , which ocean did RMS Titanic sink in? – Atlantic Ocean (North Atlantic)

89. What film series stars Marlon Brando and Al Pacino as leaders of a New York Mafia family? – The Godfather

90. What traditional Easter cake is toasted and decorated with 11 to 12 marzipan balls? – Simnel Cake

91. What type of make up the biggest group of amphibians? – Frogs

92. Which naturalist wrote ‘The Voyage of the ’? – Charles Darwin

93. The inauguration of which American President took place on , ? – Barack Obama

94. Can you unscramble the following word to reveal the name of a hormone produced by the pancreas: NNLUSII? – Insulin

95. What was the first fully animated feature film released by Walt Disney? – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ()

. Which Asian country was formerly named Ceylon? –

97. What type of gas primarily forms the Earth’s atmosphere? – Nitrogen

98. What is the opposite of nocturnal? – Diurnal

99. Which Winter Olympic event combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting? – The biathlon

100. Who plays Jack Bauer in the American television series 24? – Kiefer Sutherland

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