MCQs Misc. Topics (September 9, 2018)

What type of animals make up the biggest group of amphibians? –
a. Bats
b. Frogs

What film series stars Marlon Brando and Al Pacino as leaders of a New York Mafia family? –
a. The Godfather
b. American Gangster

How many hours are there in one full week? –
a. 168 hours
b. 192 hours

Which Roman numerals represent the number 40? –
a. LX
b. XL

The diameter is half of the radius? –
a. True
b. False

Which country was Arnold Schwarzenegger born in? –
a. America
b. Cuba
c. Australia
d. Austria

During which year did the Apple iPhone first go on sale? –
a. 2000
b. 2004
c. 2005
d. 2007

Which country is Santiago the capital of? –
a. Somalia
b. Chile

Who designed the Statue of Liberty? –
a. Bartholdi
b. Igor Sikorsky

Which is the only mammal that able to kneel on all fours? –
a. Elephant
b. Camel

Where was the first nuclear reactor built? –
a. USA
b. France

Which country has the most football clubs? –
a. Spain
b. South Africa

What is the name of the branch of medicine that focuses on eyesight?
a. Oncology
b. Optometry

In a game of cricket, how many runs are awarded for hitting the ball over the boundary rope without bouncing? –
a. Four Runs
b. Six Runs

At 119 miles long, what is the name of Scotland’s longest river?
A. River Tay
B. River Dublin

Since 1987, which Tennis Grand Slam tournament has been the fourth and final in the tennis calendar? –
a. Australian Open
b. US Open

What is the name of the founder of the company Amazon who later went on to purchase The Washington Post newspaper?
a. Jeff Bezos
b. Steve Jobs

Which is the only country to have taken part in every football World Cup ?
a. Brazil
b. France

Writer of Gulliver’s Travels Jonathan Swift is ?
a. American
b. British
c. Irish 
d. Greek

Clark Kent is the real name of which superhero?
a. Superman
b. Mr. Bean

“Alter Ego”
a. Close friend
b. Worst enemy
c. Distant relative
d. Forgotten Incident

Into how many regions the brain is mainly divided
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5

Cuba is located in:
a. Central Asia
b. Eastern Europe
c. North America 
d. Far Fast

Which out of the flowing took place in 1963?
a. Indo Soviet Military Pact
b. Settlement of Pak Chin Border dispute
c. Uprising in Kashmir
d. Indo China war

During the anti- government movement of 1977, who was the President of PNA(Pakistan National Alliance)
a. Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan
b. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
c. Air Marshall Asghar Khan
d. Khan Abdul Wali Khan

Who is considered to be the Chief Architect of 1956 Constitution ?
a. Muhammad Ali Bogra
b. Ch. Muhammad Ali

Who was the 1st Muslim Caliph of Spain ?
a. Abd Al Malik
b. Abd ar-Rahman

The Muslim Invaded Spain in :
a. 714
b. 713
c. 712
d. 711

The Secon Ummayiad Caliph was:
a. Walid bin Abul Malik
b. Yazid bin Muawiya

Whic Abbasid Caliph laid the foundation of “Baghdad”
a. Harun Ur Rashid
b. Abbasi al Safah
c. Mamun Ur Rashid
d. Al Mansoor

“A Short History of the Saracens” was written by?
a. Allama Hibli Naumani
b. Syed Ameer Ali 
c. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
d. None

Iron Lady ??
a. Margret Thatcher
b. Inda Gandhi
c. Razia Sultana
d. Benazir Bhutto

Correct Spellings
a. Tusion
b. Tuition

A remedy for all deceases is know as :
a. Antiseptic
b. Panacea

Opposite of “Paucity”
a. Scanty
b. Abundance