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Race and Ethnicity

The new racism refers to______________?

The new racism refers to______________? A. a subtler form of prejudice masked by nationalist pride B. a post-modern deconstruction of racist ideas to reveal their lack of depth C. racist practices found in newly emerging areas of…

Ethnic identity refers to_____________?

Ethnic identity refers to_____________? A. the objective categories of ethnicity used in the censusB. a felt sense of group membership on the basis of religion language or history C. the imposition of a racial label on a minority…

A split labor market ?

A split labor market ? A. Underlies the development of ethnic tensions B. results in more well-defined norms and roles C. divides managerial and line workers D. none of the above

Institutional discrimination ?

Institutional discrimination ? A. does not include environmental racism B. occurs because equality of opportunity causes equality of outcomeC. occurs in part when gatekeepers admit others like themselves to positions of privilege…