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100 MCQs About World History


100 About

1. What is the oldest daily in England? – The Times

2. Which two American states joined the union in ? – Alaska and Hawaii

3. Which American ordered the dropping of the first atomic bomb? – Harry S Truman

4. In which century did King George IV rule Great Britain? – 18th

5. After which famous person in was the teddy bear named? – Theodore Roosevelt

6. What was the name given to the trials of 24 Nazi leaders for war crimes in ? – The Nuremberg Trials

7. In what century was the Taj Mahal built? – 17th

8. Which gangster said ‘I’ve been accused of every death except the casualty of the War’? – Al Capone

. In what year was Prince William born? –

10. The word ‘’ originates from the middle word ‘bok’ meaning which type of
tree? – Beech

11. Richard Byrd is credited with having been the first person to fly over what particular spot
in the world? – The North Pole

12. Why don’t the restaurants ‘Palm Court’, ‘Cafe Parisien’ and ‘Verandah’ exist anymore? – They were on the Titanic

13. What city was the capital of between and ? – Krakow

14. Who was the first President of America? – George Washington

15. Which American President served only 31 days? – William Harrison

16. When the first World War broke out which three made up the Triple Entente? –
, England and

. What is Adam’s ale or Adam’s wine? – Water

18. Who were the mother and father of Elizabeth I? – Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII

19. Which British Prime Minister resigned because of the Suez crisis? – Anthoney Eden

20. For what was Rosa Parks arrested in , leading to the biggest Civil Rights
movement? – Refusing to give up her seat on a bus for a white man

21. John Major became a member of Parliament in for which town, north of London? –

22. Which American President was shot in and died 8 days later? – McKinley

23. The Battle of Bosworth in was the last battle of which series of wars? – The Wars Of The Roses

24. The explorer Sir Edmund Hillary was from which ? –

25. The popular British pub name ‘The Royal Oak’ is named after which King? – (he hid in an oak tree to escape enemies)

26. Collectively, by what name are Carole Richardson, Patrick Armstrong, Paul Hill and Gerard Conlon better known? – The Guildford Four

27. In which century was the world’s first public railway opened? – 19th

28. The invention of what in , made Alfred Nobel famous? – Dynamite

29. What was King William II killed by? An arrow, the plague or old age? – An Arrow

30. In Greek mythology, who was the goddess of marriage, and childbirth? – Hera

31. In what year did Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister? – 1979

32. In what year was London due to host the , but couldn’t because of the Second World War? –

. On March 3rd, , who was severly beaten by police officers causing public outcry? – Rodney King

34. Which king was the target of the Gunpowder plot of ? – James I

35. What alloy was the most important metal for tools and weapons between the years 4000
and B.C.? – Bronze

. In which year did Tony Blair first become British Prime Minister? –

37. Who was the first US President to meet with a reigning British monarch? –

38. In which month in , did Britain declare war on ? – August

39. Thomas Chippendale was best known for making and designing what in the 18th century? – Furniture

40. What historic event does the nursery rhyme ‘Ring-a-ring of roses’ commemorate? – The Great Plague

41. In which year did colour TV transmissions begin in Britain? – 19

42. As at the year , who has been the tallest American President? –

43. Which famous London department store opened on 15th March, ? – Selfridges

. Which of the following occurred most recently? The Iron Age or The Bronze Age? – Iron Age

45. Who is the only American President to have served non-consecutive terms in office? – 

46. In which country did the cloning of Dolly the sheep take place? –

47. Who ordered the beheading of Mary Queen Of Scots? – Queen Elizabeth I

48. Which English queen was married to Lord Guildford Dudley? – Lady Jane Grey

49. Which geographical location was the first word spoken on the moon? – Houston

50. What was Hitler’s title as the leader of ? – Fuhrer

51. What was the surname of Zachary, the President of the between and ? –Taylor

52. How many of Henry VIII’s wives had been previously married? – 2

53. Who did Queen Elizabeth I succeed to the throne? – Mary I

54. In which war was the Victoria Cross first awarded? – The Crimean War

55. In which century did the diamond engagement ring first become popular? – 15th

56. Which country declared war on both Germany and the Allies in ? –

57. Which two brothers are associated with the invention of the aeroplane? – Orville and Wilbur Wright

58. By what title was Oliver Cromwell known? – Lord Protector

59. In , what was ’s most profitable export, ahead of Volvo? – Abba

60. What was the name of the bomb which was dropped on Nagasaki during World War II? – Fat Man

61. How did Robert The Bruce die? – Of the disease leprosy

62. Which famous museum opened in London, in April ? – Madam Tussauds

63. In Greek mythology, what was unusual about Medusa’s hair? – It was made of snakes

64. In America, what became the 49th state to enter the union in 1959? – Alaska

65. Which district of London was named after a battle fought in ? – Waterloo

66. In what year did the first successful Mars landings take place? –

67. For how many years did the Jurassic period last? – million

68. In which century was Mary, Queen Of Scots executed? – 16th

69. Who was the first American President to visit ? –

70. Parker and Barrow were the surnames of which famous couple? – Bonnie and Clyde

71. What type of animal was the first to be sent into space? – A dog

72. For what reason did American Sally Ride become famous in ? – First American female in space

73. In which year did Richard Nixon begin the secret bombing of Cambodia? –

74. Which famous person in history invented the greeting, ‘Hello’ first used for answering the telephone? – Thomas Edison

75. Who was the famous son of the Greek princess Olympias? – Alexander The Great

76. What were the of Adam and Eve’s three sons? – Cain, Abel and Seth

77. Which war was called the ‘War to end all wars’? –

78. In what year did Laika the dog become the first space traveller? –

79. Which country in Europe has the oldest Parliament? – Iceland

80. Who was the third President of America and chief author of the Declaration Of Independence? –

81. In what year was the battle of Agincourt? –

82. By what name was the Scottish outlaw Robert McGregor better known? – Rob Roy

83. In 19, what became the first song to be sung in outer space? – Happy Birthday

84. By what name was Sir Arthur Wellesley better known? – Duke of Wellington

85. What was the name of the suffragette who threw herself under the King’s horse in the
Derby? – Emily Davison

86. What was the profession of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone? – Teacher (of deaf and dumb children)

87. Which country suffered over 6 million deaths in World War II, equivalent to over 17% of
it’s population? – Poland

88. Which English King was killed by an arrow at the battle of Hastings? – King Harold

89. Who was murdered by Robert Ford? – Jesse James

90. In what year were protesting students murdered in Tiananman Square? –

91. Which US President was forced to resign because of the Watergate scandal? – Richard Nixon

92. Which monarch’s last were ‘All my possessions for a moment of time’? – Elizabeth  I

93. What happened in that is sometimes referred to as ‘Black Forty Seven’? – The potato famine in Ireland

94. In which country did Venetian blinds originate? Italy, or ? – Japan

95. In which country was Mother Theresa born? – Yugoslavia

96. Who was the first American President to die while in office? – William Harrison

97. What was the maiden name of the bride at the first wedding watched by over million
people? – Diana Spencer

98. Who was Queen Elizabeth II’s father? – George VI

99. Which famous raid did Guy Gibson lead in ? – The Dambusters

100. Who, in 1901, was the first man to send a Telegraph signal across the Atlantic
Ocean? –


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