Razmak is famous for_________?

Razmak is famous for_________?

A. Air Base
B. Naval Base
C. Cadet College
D. HQ of FC

Razmak is known as “Mini London” due to its beauty and potential to become a major tourist destination if the security situation of Waziristan improves. The famous Pashtun tribal leader Mirzali Khan (Faqir of Ipi) was based in Gurwek, but also hided for a long time in Razmak. it is famous for Cadet College Razmak.

Largest District of AJk by area is__________?

Largest District of AJk by area is__________?A. Poonch District
B. Muzaffarabad District
C. Neelum District
D. None of these

Neelam District is the largest district of Pakistan controlled Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Neelam has the 200 kilometers long valley along Neelum River which makes it largest district by area of Azad Kashmir.