Question: AERIE : EAGLE [A]. capital : government [B]. bridge : architect [C]. unit : apartment [D]. kennel : veterinarian Answer: Option E Explanation: An aerie is where an eagle lives; a house is where a person lives.

Question: DOMINANCE : HEGEMONY [A]. romance : sympathy [B]. furtherance : melancholy [C]. independence : autonomy [D]. tolerance : philanthropy Answer: Option C Explanation: Hegemony means dominance; autonomy means independence.

Question: FERAL : TAME [A]. rancid : rational [B]. repetitive : recurrent [C]. nettlesome : annoying [D]. repentant : honorable Answer: Option E Explanation: Feral and tame are antonyms; ephemeral and immortal are antonyms.

Question: DIRGE : FUNERAL [A]. chain : letter [B]. bell : church [C]. telephone : call [D]. jingle : commercial Answer: Option D Explanation: A dirge is a song used at a funeral; a jingle is a song used in…

Question: METAPHOR : SYMBOL [A]. pentameter : poem [B]. rhythm : melody [C]. nuance : song [D]. slang : usage Answer: Option E Explanation: A metaphor is a symbol; an analogy is a comparison.

Question: FROND : PALM [A]. quill : porcupine [B]. blade : evergreen [C]. scale : wallaby [D]. tusk : alligator Answer: Option A Explanation: A palm (tree) has fronds; a porcupine has quills.

Question: DEPENDABLE : CAPRICIOUS [A]. fallible : cantankerous [B]. erasable : obtuse [C]. malleable : limpid [D]. capable : inept Answer: Option D Explanation: Dependable and capricious are antonyms; capable and inept are antonyms.

Question: DELTOID : MUSCLE [A]. radius : bone [B]. brain : nerve [C]. tissue : organ [D]. blood : vein Answer: Option A Explanation: The deltoid is a muscle; the radius is a bone.

Question: CONVICTION : INCARCERATION [A]. reduction : diminution [B]. induction : amelioration [C]. radicalization : estimation [D]. marginalization : intimidation Answer: Option A Explanation: A conviction results in incarceration; a reduction results in diminution.

Question: MONK : DEVOTION [A]. maniac : pacifism [B]. explorer : contentment [C]. visionary : complacency [D]. rover : wanderlust Answer: Option D Explanation: Devotion is characteristic of a monk; wanderlust is characteristic of a rover.