Which article of the Constitution from the following deals with Chief Election Commissioner________________?

Which article of the Constitution from the following deals with Chief Election Commissioner________________?A. 212
B. 313
C. 213
D. None of above

213 Chief Election Commissioner.
(1) There shall be a Chief Election Commissioner (in this Part referred to as the Commissioner), who shall be appointed by the President
(2) No person shall be appointed Commissioner unless he has been a judge of the Supreme Court or has been a senior civil servant or is a technocrat and is not more than sixty-eight years of age.
Explanation 1.- “senior civil servant” means a civil servant who has served for at least twenty years under Federal or a Provincial Government and has retired in BPS-22 or above.
Explanation 2.- “technocrat” means a person who is the holder of a degree requiring conclusion of at least sixteen years of education, recognized by the Higher Education Commission and has at least twenty years of experience, including a record of achievements at the national or international level.
(2A) The Prime Minister shall in consultation with the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, forward three names for appointment of the Commissioner to a Parliamentary Committee for hearing and confirmation of any one person
569[Provided that in case there is no consensus between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, each shall forward separate lists to the Parliamentary Committee for consideration which may confirm any one name:]
(2B) The Parliamentary Committee to be constituted by the Speaker shall comprise fifty percent members from the Treasury Branches and fifty percent from the Opposition Parties, based on their strength in Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament), to be nominated by the respective Parliamentary Leaders: 570[] 570
571[Provided 572[] 572 that the total strength of the Parliamentary Committee shall be twelve members out of which one-third shall be from the Senate. ]
Provided 573[further] 573 that when the National Assembly is dissolved and a vacancy occurs in the office of the Chief Election Commissioner, the 574[total membership of the Parliamentary Committe shall consist of] 574 the members from the Senate only and the foregoing provisions of this clause shall, mutatis mutandis, apply.
] 567
(3) The Commissioner 575[or a member] 575shall have such powers and functions as are conferred on him by the Constitution and law.